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Whats on @ Westport

Term 3 Week 6 Monday 21st August Stage 3 Canberra Excursion Tuesday 22nd August Stage 3 Canberra Excursion Junior Choir - lunchtime Assembly -1pm Band - 2pm Wednesday 23rd August Stage 3 Canberra... Read more

What's on @ Westport

Term 1 Week 4 Monday 13th Feb NRL Clinics Year 1-6 Junior Dance - lunch time Stage 1 Sport Tuesday 14th Feb Stage 2 Dance - lunch time Assembly - 1pm Band - 2pm Wednesday 15th Feb Stage 3 Dance - lunch time... Read more

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NDIS continues its roll out across NSW

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) started in NSW in July 2016, rolling out across half of the state. The rollout for the rest of NSW started on 1 July 2017 and the NDIS will be fully rolled out by mid 2018. The NSW... Read more

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